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Soccer stops being just a game, if you can find a professional soccer player who you can connect to—whether through his performance on the field or through his conduct off it. I am a professional soccer player too, but I don't find myself any different from the millions (probably billions) of soccer fans of the world. I have my favorites on and off the soccer field too. There are those players that I hate out and out, no matter how tremendous a player they are or how many zillions fans they have. And then there are these other set of players, who I admire from the bottom of my heart, because I can clearly see that they give their heart and soul while playing this game. Even when off the field, this particular group of my favorite people appears completely different from the other "regular" soccer players, thanks to a clean soul and clear passion for their game.

Robbie Rogers

Robbie Rogers soccer

Robbie Rogers is one such young professional soccer player, who belongs to this second group of my favorites and whom I simply adore (the guy is beyond admiration). Agreed that he might not have performed to the best of his potential yet, but his recent performances and a big career move, coming in the form of his signing by the Los Angeles Galaxy, are clear signs of a future stardom. And like I mentioned earlier, it is not just his stellar performance on the field, it is the way that he carries himself off of it that makes him a special player for me.

For those who might not be completely familiar with Robbie Rogers, he is a 28 year old American professional soccer player. He came into the spotlight when he was signed up by Los Angeles Galaxy to play in the Major Soccer League (MSL) in the May, 2013. But that is not why he is one of my most favorite players. A little before this big career move, Robbie Rogers was earlier in news for his open confession about being gay. Four months after this announcement, he became the first openly gay man ever to join MLS or any of the top 5 major North American sports league. What struck me as a clear sign of him being a truly honest man and an honest soccer player, though, was when I learnt about how he fought his way out of an immature, early retirement.

Robbie Rogers had taken retirement from soccer, as he was afraid that he won’t be able to play in any major league or for any major team any more, given his "gay" status. Soon he realized though, that retirement was not the way to embrace his sexuality or lifestyle. He came back to the field, and came back stronger than ever. That was when he got his big break with the Los Angeles Galaxy. That is when I knew that this guy's love for soccer is genuine and for which, he is willing to fight the whole world even if it is against him! That is precisely why and when he became one of my favorites.

Show me true passion, and you will find a place by my side or better yet, in my heart. Ask my friends or my team mates, I go where my passion takes me or where I find another truly passionate mate. This passionate mate need not be a man or a woman though, it can be a business or a team or a company, like FinishLine.

Finish Line

I came in contact with FinishLine, when two years ago, I decided to search online for my new soccer gear. A simple web search provided their website's address to me (www.FinishLine.com), and once there, I knew I had come to the exact, right store/place. Finish Line is a brick and mortar cum online store, that stocks athletic apparels and footwear from the best brands. Every time I have visited their store, I have only found premium quality items on display. And every time, I have come out buying more than what I had intended!

On each of my visits to their stores (both online and physical), I have been able to discern passionate people who are in charge of the store. The thing that touches me most about FinishLine though, is their commitment and passionate aim of giving back to the community, from which we all get so much. So, if you are looking for a true and honest place to buy your sports gear, I will recommend FinishLine.com straight up.

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